Wednesday 19 August 2009


Come and be smothered
Between my bountiful vessels
With a touch and finish like silk
They’ll make you feel
Like you are in heaven
And at the same time
Steal your breath.

Suckle and lick, kiss and caress
I love the way you touch my breasts
Tickle my fancy, Or rather yours
Seeing them swelling
You are lost, wanting more.

A life of their own
A taste you desire
Little do you know
These will make you expire.

Losing your air
Trapped in the folds
Soon your body will be lifeless
And lie there turning cold.

© 22 January 2007 Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Cream cakes, jam and flaky pastry
Drop out the side of my mouth
I revel in the smoothness
I savour the taste on my tongue
I wipe the cream from my lips
I realise Oops I missed abit
I felt it drop on my naked breast
You’ve seen my ample bosoms
How they heave seductively as I breathe
I lick my finger so it’s wet
And I move it to my chest
I wipe up the excess
I look at it expectantly
As if it were to walk
Then I sucked my finger contentedly
Glad the cream couldn’t talk
It might just give up my secret…
That… I… Love… Fresh cream.

©7th June 2007 – 17.30pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


My forefinger traces
The outline of your face
Your eyes, nose, ears
Stopping at your mouth.
I line the line of your lips
Graciously you part them
Lettting me in
Past your teeth to your tongue.
Soft and wet
You envelop my digit
Warm and cosy
You twirl and suck
Moulding around me
You release me.... POP!

© 12th December 2007 Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I look in from the outside
A stranger to this cultural concept
That someone does and people will kill
For the sake of ‘misguided’ honour.

I saw on the news today
A landmark case was won
A brother’s nine year struggle for his dead sister
Murdered for trying to flee a marriage come undone
Finally bringing them to justice
But are you surprised they were so close to home
Finding perpetrators of a hideous crime
But now they will serve their time.

A young Asian female life forsaken
For being too western and wanting divorce
Her new life just starting… cruelly taken
Or just because they thought she brought the family ‘shame’
A cheap excuse for killers to permanently maim.

I can’t understand
How this happens to be
This isn’t my culture
But still it’s illogical to me.
Regardless of race, colour or creed
To take the life of another is just wrong
For love, honour, shame or greed
I say Brother Singh, you were so very strong
You battled it out, shouting the message
To these people, so loud and clear
It won’t be easy for them now
English law they must fear
To another country, another place
To know they can’t send or force these girls
To disappear without a trace
Their death voices will be heard…
And sooner not later justice will be served.

© 26th July 2007 – 22:41pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


The curve of your lips
Catches my eye
So I wonder
If I can keep that curve alive
So it matches
The beautiful arch of your back
The roundness of your behind
The beautiful line of your smile.

© 19th October 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Give me a love session to remember
I turn down the lights
I run the bath filled with oils
Let the water cleanse my skin
Let the music refresh my soul
Give me a love session so I forget
When I had a hard day
I can come in, log on, tune in
My spirits are eased
My work worries gone, now I’ve relaxed
Give me a love session
I close my eyes
Let my lover or my imagination do the rest.

© 29th October 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I like my heels
I know you do too
Nice shape, good front
Yes… Let me strap on my kick ass boots
Red patent or animal print
Please take your pick
Rubber, plastic or leather
Pumps or peep-toe shoes
Don’t worry, I’ll let you choose
Skin tight or flowing free
A polished nail or bare natural toe
Whichever you want sweetie
Let me pander to what makes your down belows glow
The tingling feeling
The butterfly rush
The release of excitement
That turns your insides to happy mush
Shall I walk on your chest?
Or grind my heels in?
How do you take it in babe…
Six inches or ten?

© 3rd March February 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I’m on the brink
Teetering on the precipice
I could fly or I could sink
I could rise or I could fall
Not knowing where to turn and
How to ask for the help
I know I so desperately need
Feeling abandoned and disappointed
I fall down to my knees
I say a prayer
Please Lord,
Do with me as you please
Show me the way
Show me the path to the light
Help me get out of this pit
My current miserable existence
This thing called my life
I want to do good Lord
I want more than to just survive
I want to make my mark Lord
To inspire others, help them and their goals thrive
I’m on the brink Lord
So please don’t me fall
Guide my hands wisely
Let my feet tread secure
I open my heart Lord
I want to let your love shine right in
I’m begging you please Lord
With tears abundantly near
I’m one who needs guidance
So make my path, my destiny clear.

© 9th March 2007 Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I don’t want to fall or be put
Into that category,
To fit into that shoe
That I wasn’t meant to wear.
I recognize the names
I see the familiar faces
I visit the places they frequent
To showcase and deliver
To show off their art
Their skill, their dialect, their talk.

I don’t want to be
“Just Another Poet…”
I want only to be me
I’ve got my own style
I don’t want yours nor theirs.
I don’t need to copy someone else’s flair.

I might dress the same
But I am not the same.
I might talk the same
But I don’t think the same.
Though my soul stays the same
My hair will always be different
My clothes will always be different
Guess why?
It’s because I am somewhat… different.

When I think
When you think
Pre-conceived ideas spring up blind
I don’t want to be
One of those ideas that pop to mind
I want to be one of those
“Ooh who’s she…” (said of course positively)
One of those
“I heard/read/saw this poem yesterday…
C’mon let’s Google it today”
One of those
That 12, 24, 36 hours or more, later down the line
When you come home, unwind
My words… My message… My voice
Might still be echoing every time
Rebounding through your grey cells
Your thoughts but text of my choice
For now I’ll read
Eventually I’ll perform
When I do…
T’will be I who controls my storm
But one thing for sure
To the ‘slam-type’ I’ll not conform.

© 2nd August 2007 – 20:15pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I close my eyes
The words flash as images
Hot and heavy sentences
Constructing a creation
They piece together in my mind.
In my mind’s eye
One word joins another
Until they make a sentence … or not.
Until they’re ready to be formed
Into what I mould them.
I’m inspired by what surrounds me
People, sounds, smells, events
Emotions and feelings, touch and taste
Phrases and random thoughts, acts
Single words, that make sense or no sense.
Like a good cook
I know when they are ready
To be consumed greedily
To be absorbed by eyes, ears and souls
This is how I write my rhyme.

© 11th July 2007 – 11:18am Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Slow beats and melodies
Vibed to unwind
Sweetness of sorrow
Bitterness of joy
Vocal interpretation
Bring pleasure to my ears
Random thoughts
Pictures images emotions
Good company
Positive energy
Combined intertwined
Pours forth from the three
Sporadic erratic dynamic
Feeds off one
Feeds off all
One joins to make four
Another to make five
One more to make six
They opens their mouth and sings
One drums and beats
One key the master chords
Follows the leader
The music maestro
The legends reminisces
And wish they were these
Here on this night
Cryptic, unity tri-everlasting
The spirit is here
Blessings to the one on high
For bringing them to the available channels
Tonight in this place
Speaking tongues through them
Sending his message
We feel it
We acknowledge it
We praise it
We give thanks to him
Raise your hands on high
For bringing us here tonight
Appreciating the talented abundances
You’ve bestowed on our ears and souls.

© 12th October 2006 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Whilst I finished dressing for work
You were sleeping in your bed far away
Then suddenly you appeared sleeping in mine that I’d just made up
In the reflection of my mirror I saw you,
Chalking it up to my imagination
I watched you breathing gently
Wondering if you were really there
So I smiled and spun round when you moved the covers lower down your body
(You are here with me now but I don’t think even you realise it yet)
My smile widened as I saw revealed your bare caramel chest
Rising and falling…
And with each deep breath
I could see you were tired
Sleeping that deep sleep we sometimes need to heal
I am compelled to disturb you
To wake you from your slumber
But I don’t think you’ll mind
You turn your face away from me
I glimpse the vein on your bare neck
Pulsing in time with your heart
I lean over across the bed to reach you but can’t quite touch…
You’re a little too far away
I manage though, lifting my long dress
So I don’t trip over it and fall harder than I intend
Waking you sooner than I want
I kneel beside you watching you
You drift on unaware of my presence beside you
Until I bend down closer
You turn your head to face me in sleep
Your eyes closed
Your long lashes flutter, attracting me
As a moth to a flame
I draw closer still
My hair falls softly brushing your nose, your cheek
The winter morning sun trailing through the open curtains of my room
Catches the colour and makes it shine
Like a twinkle in my eye
I am close enough to hear your breath
As each exhale leaves your body
To see the faint stubble of your goatee
Admiring the sharpness of the line that defines it
Between beard and smoothness of skin
You sigh in sleep
I want to feel your skin on my skin
I want to feel the caress of your lips on mine
I take my moment
I kiss you on your lips
They feel soft and gentle to me
As I imagined them to be
So new, so different but just right
I lean back a little to continue admiring you
But still within your grasp, your touch
Should you choose to reach for me
Like the sleeping beauty to the prince
You stir from your slumber
Surprised by my touch
Finding that it is me that has roused you
When you went to sleep last night
You were alone in your bed
Now you awake alone in mine
I kiss you again
So you know you aren’t dreaming
That you are here with me now
You give a satisfied sigh
As if this was exactly what you were waiting for
And you open your eyes and I am all you see
It pleases me that you smile at me
In a way that makes me feel so desired by you
Raising one of your hands
To bring my head closer towards you
You trail your fingers through my silky hair
I watch your eyes gaze over me
Your fingertips send electric pulses
Raising the hairs on the back of my neck as they connect
Our lips touch again for another embrace
It pleases me even more to see how you return my kiss
Yours so gentle, wanting, panty-wetting yet somehow chaste
With thoughtful soul stirring passion
We pause for breath
(You’ve taken mine away for a moment)
Just looking at one another
Drinking each other in
Smiling incredulously, hearts singing
We don’t need words to express
Just how perfect this moment is
Just how perfect our first kiss is…
In a flurry of slow motion you rise
Exposing the rest of your naked, limber and lithe form
My own pleasurable sigh escapes my lips as I eye
Your beautiful chiseled body,
As it parts from between the sheets of my bed
Accepting, molded, ready, firmly waiting for my future touch
Of my hands roaming your torso
Pleasuring more than just your lips…
With a promise of much more in your smile
You move to the door away from me
I glance down to the bed to see the remnants of your outline
In the rumpled satin
As the bed springs back to flat
Placing my hands in the spot you just lay
It’s still warm, with your heat,
In the air and on the sheets your scent lingers,
But when I look back to the door you are gone in an instant
Returned back to your own bed … your own place…
All in the time it took for the sheet to drift and fall back to ground
Like a feather floating slowly on a breeze
Leaving me with the last trembling taste of your lips
And a wet fluttery feeling in between my legs
That left me desiring a lot more than just a kiss from you….

© 26th October 2006 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


The chimes of midnight
Velvet skies filled with red and blue lights
I know I’m wrong the shit ain’t right
I’m in a tunnel and I can't see light
Cruising around to see what the streets like
Rent, due and I need a hit
My job I had to quit
So I’m out here looking for a jook
Some call me a small style crook
I’m the reason why you walk the streets shook
Damn the perfect target
Sitting there with brand new garments
I walk up behind to catch you off guard
Snatch ya purse check for credit cards
I spare ya life if you don’t get a good look
Maybe if things were different I would let you loose
I know I’m just as bad as them dudes with a noose
Now you’re kicking and screaming begging for ya life
‘Please shut up!’ Ya face I strike
‘Now listen, I’m just going to take ya money
Make it easy so I won't kill ya honey!’
I slit her throat cuz she kept screaming
Damn I hear the cops, I gotta be dreaming
The chimes of midnight
Velvet skies filled with red and blue lights.

The chimes of midnight
My chest hurts my breath is tight
On the way home from work one night
I never ever thought I'd have to fear
The idea of a presence lurking behind me near
Ready to take me, ready to steal my life
I clutch my belongings, I hold them close
I speed up, look back, cross over the road
I look around I see no one to fear
The non-descript teen girl walking toward me
I looked closely; she was the only one near
Silently she struck from behind I never had the chance
I never thought I'd miss my wedding
Miss that magical moment with my father to dance
She said what she said and I couldn't help what I did
The slap hit, my mouth opened not meaning to scream,
An icy line ripped through my neck and to the floor I slid
Blood pouring out, I lay there gasping for air
Knowing sooner not later I would see that pure white light
The chimes of midnight
My chest hurts my breath is tight.

Chimes at 1
And she's losing time
I'm trying my best
But she's breathing less
Slit throat, bruised face when will we learn
What did she do for this to be earned
How did this happen still crosses my mind
When I see someone the same skin as mine
She's young still in her prime
The world is ending this must be a sign
I pray for her soul and her body to be revived
This situation I hope she survives
On my job I see a lot of black on black crime
Damn we're still losing time
‘Come on people hustle up!
She's flat lining double up!’
C.P.R. 1,2,3
‘Come on honey stay with me!’
She opened her eyes one last time
Inaudibly spoken, ‘Pray for me....’
Chimes at 1
Her time is done.

Chimes at 1
The clock strikes the game has begun
I was coming around the block, same area, same street
When I got the call I had to run
That’s where my honey and I were supposed to meet
First cop on the scene
I saw a familiar body being worked on by the trauma team
When I saw it was the woman
Who was soon to become my wife
It became my only mission
To stop the one who ruined my life
I looked at my honey, watching my baby slip away
Hoping and praying I’d meet the culprit
In some dark alley not too far away
Then suddenly it dawned on me
The perp had walked right past
But all that I was concerned about
Was that my baby’s breath might be her last
So I never paid attention
To you, the street looking girl who breezed innocently by
I never thought to stop you, never thought to even try
All that I was worried about, was that my lover was gonna die
It’s only when the cop in me kicked in
When I recalled your face like I’m trained to do
I knew that maybe… just maybe… it was possible to catch up with you
Chimes at 1
The clock strikes, the game has begun.

Chimes at 2
My girl is gone and I’m coming for you
I’m out for revenge, your life for a life in lieu
My job is to always protect and serve
But not this particular night
All bets are off, you took from me
The woman who was to be my wife
I wipe the tears from my eyes
Hardening my heart for the task ahead
When I find you, I’ll merc you crook
I’ll kill you stone cold dead
This is one crime that needs no justification
My form of ungodly punishment
The killing blow dealt without hesitation
I head back to base to check the system
See if you pop up, if you’ve got a long rap sheet
I know soon enough that tonight we’ll meet
I put in your profile to see if you’re here
The devil’s watching out for me cos I find you in there
Only 17, living a crack whore’s dream
Raped and aborted your pops seed when you were just 13
It takes a good cop to catch a crook
But this is revenge, I’ll search every cranny, every dirty nook
The knife doesn’t need prints for me to catch my prey
I saw you.. you can’t run… you can’t hide…
I’ll find you any way...
I’ll dish you up, like you sliced my girl
You wanna dance with the devil
Come to me and in death you’ll twirl
Head to toe, I’m all dressed in black
Your crook crime partners just left I see
I scoped out your haunt
Saw you laughing minutes earlier
Telling tales of a murder-robbery
Now you’re the one all alone and trapped in my snare
Last place on the list, I found you wallowing there
I sneak up behind you
Mask over face, sweat on my brow
Cold hard steel to your dome
I whisper to you ‘How you like it now?
This is for my girl, I gotta fill you full of lead…
She died tonight because of you…’
BANG! BANG! ‘…Bitch, you’re dead.’
Chimes at 2
You got 2 through and throughs
Only I didn’t anticipate that I’d catch my own ricochet too.
Chimes at 2 and I finally got my hit
I don't think I knew who I was messing with
But I hope they can save that chick
I really didn't think I could keep doing this shit
But I got a habit and I can't handle it
Sometimes I think I should just quit
But that’s easier said than done
And strong... I'm not the one
Maybe I should just turn around the gun
Naw... It will get better one day
Gotta be something better someday
I might go to hell some say
But I got this rock to help those thoughts fade away
Gotta find an alley so I can calm this monkey
I hear a sound behind me
But all I'm worried about is what's in front of me
Come on lighter please work
Damn I got her blood on my shirt
I think I'll save this engagement ring
I think I saw a man crying at the crime scene
I hope that wasn't his girlfriend
Or his wife to be
Maybe it was just a man with passion
I did that jook in quick fashion
Told my boys about that hood action
They threw in some extra because they enjoyed the tale… satisfaction
Something cold on my head... ‘How you like it now?’
Only thing I could think was bow down
'My girl is dead because of you...'
As he raised his gun, I raised mine
I think we pulled at the same time
Chimes at 2 I finally got my hit
I don't think I knew who I was messing with.
Chimes at 3, a beautiful white light
And I find myself in judgment line
First face I see is the person I killed
I'm sorry sister, I am not strong willed
I'm addicted to that crack rock
I needed a hit, that's why I made your heart stop
I'm only 17 living on the block
My mother hated me
My father raped me
And I got kicked out of school
So I robbed folks like you
‘Please sister, can you ever forgive me?
Think about it now both of us are free.’
I wish I coulda gone about it a different way
I'm glad I died there today
Away from the drama and the street
Ain't worried about what I gotta eat
For my crime against you I might go to hell
But how much worse can it get?
I'm sorry you’re dead but my crime I don't regret
Looks like I'm up next
Chimes at 3
My name is being called
It’s done! I can give up on it all!

Chimes at 3
A bright light surrounds us, we’re entering purgatory
We both stand in line like the rest
Awaiting final judgement, like our life was a test
I died tonight and so did my man
Only one of us will get to heaven
This was never ever the plan
My murderer in front of me, her killer right behind
I wish I could be oblivious
I wish I could be blind
Both turned to face me ‘Forgive me’ they said
Her to me, him to her, me to them
‘You are forgiven, I’m just sorry we all ended up dead.’
Victims of circumstance
Victims of black on black crime
Don’t be another victim
Pray it won’t be you caught out the next time
Have your wits about you, so you can do your part
Heaven and Hell doesn’t need these results of crime
Let this at least, be a positive start
To lay down your guns and knives
Turn your hand to some other from of art
I leave you now, because it is my turn
I hope my baby doesn’t follow that girl,
The one in front who has just gone to hell
But with judgement day, your last act on earth…
…You can never really tell.

Michelle & Angee leave you now to ponder this
A tragedy told in rhymes
A quartet of complex trilogy
The Saga of ‘The Chimes’.

Co-Written with Michelle Davis

© 26th September 2007 Co-Written by Angela Edgar & Michelle Davis
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited


What’s it like
Being a black cop?
Are you a bird in a cuckoo cage?
Or an eagle soaring high?
Do you prosper like your colleagues?
Or are you left by the wayside as you try?
What’s a typical day in the life of a black cop?
You dress smartly in your uniforms
With your desires of making CID
But do you have to work much harder
To gain the respect of your community?
Are you viewed as a sell-out?
Or revered a positive role model?
What do you do?
How do you cope?
When as a black cop
You might have to confront the black youth
How do you manage to persuade them
To drop their guns and their knives?
How do you explain to them
With every stab they make
With every shot they take
They are halting their own evolution.
Black cops I admire you.
Black cops I salute you.
But I know for sure …
I couldn’t do the job you do.
So all respect is due.

Thank you my sister for thinking of me
A fading face in today's society
Always dreamed of being in a position of authority
My dad always said…
As black people we need to get ourselves into the system
Reflect change because a beast can’t stand its own reflection
Check mate like chess into powerful positions
Soaking in lessons from those that paved the way
Equals knowledge and wisdom
Just here to make a difference
So in reality what is it like for me?
I'm living life on a double headed sword
Getting called a sell out
While other ethnic groups work the board
Helping each other with love and support
As a black man I'm just a crab in a bucket
Every time I try to succeed
Another brother just pulls me back
Plus snide marks from colleagues
Is a kick in the teeth for my progression
But I get a good boost positively using my aggression
The stress of feeding my seeds installing the power they need
So they grow to be positive out in the dark concrete streets
It’s all so sad to see
Everyday I try to educate the youth
Their role models are gangsters
Fast money makers with the platinum tooth
Educations all you need
You ain't gotta shoot and stab one another
My young sisters and brothers
Explaining to them how they’re the generation
That could make such a significant change
Easing years of suffering and pain
I can only hope they soak in what I say
Or I’ll be informing another parent their child’s passed away
So thanks for the salute and admiring my work sister
Just trying to make the future for us
As a culture a little less bitter.

Co-Written with James Lee Francis-Famous

©8th June 2007 – 01.45am Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Morning breaks into afternoon
As shafts and slithers of sunlight
Hit the pale cream telephone
As I walk into the room toward it
Apprehensively picking it up
I dial the number
Slowly to be sure its right
Will he be in I ponder?
Seven times lucky?
I just wonder…
Nine rings… and an answer
He’s in!
(Thank God)
(At last)
Sitting comfortably
In a position of ease
I look through the curtains
Onto the street below
Quiet at times
Busy at others
While we speak
Exchanging conversation creates
Dulcet tones and mellow vibes
As I picture him
In a room of beige
A black phone in one hand
The other resting upon a knee or a bed
Quiet, listening, imagining
Elevating the senses
Finding out about the other
Inquiring responses
Calculated questions
Cautious answers in reply.

Time passes
The morning faded
Husky tints to amber glows
Things are revealed
While other things are left unsaid
That’s all part of communicating
What do you want to know? He asks
Everything, I suppose, I thought, saying nothing
Tell me about yourself
What would you like to know?
I laugh and reply and he joins in
His laughter is crisp and mellow
Like crunching wet iceberg lettuce
And sipping chill sweet white wine
The line goes quiet.

As I sit, I wonder
What does he really think?
What thoughts run through his mind?
What questions does he ready himself to pose?
I feel myself as a box within a box
Within many other boxes
He’s pried open the hardest one already
It’s a start
Darkest black with hints of grey
Gives way to reveal
White with a tint of blue
There are many more colours
But there are also many more boxes
Each as complex as the maze that is my personality
Traps and dead ends
Subjects posed and subjects conquered
Some are left undefeated
While others lay still deep and untended
An interruption…
Pauses… waiting
Change of direction, dimension
A river of thought
Fast, vast, immense
I wonder what he thought then
I wonder what he thinks now
I am so very curious as to
What cogs, gears and wheels
Time to turn to tune his mind
Analysis today
Conclusion later
Revelations left for the future
For me, for him
For both of us
We converse he opens up
Like the flower to the sun
To all. To one. To me.
With the promise of more
This is where it ends
For now.

Another time...
Another place...
Another call...
Click. Beeeeeep...

© 1997 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Beauty & elegance enraptures
Warm & delicate sounds captivate
As she opens her mouth
Such sweet melodies pour forth
Emotional riddles of
Heartache and triumphs.

Soul deep, heart-felt
No la-dee-da but La-aa-dee
Things that stay in mind
Echoes of a dream
Waking to write music
That was meant to be.

Watch for her
Wait for her
Listen to her… Obenewa.
You will be touched
I dare you not to be
For she is ….
A Star in the making.

© 22nd Dec 2006 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

Visit Obenewa:


A work in progress
That is what we are
We’re not complete yet
But we’re on the journey to
We err and make mistakes
But we’ll learn from them
We grow from them
We mature with them
But to be forgiving
We need to admit and acknowledge
Learn from our experiences
So we don’t do so again
But per chance we do, we forgive ourselves.
I’m a work in progress
I may wake up one morning
Cursing all for my pain
But that’s ok
I can admit my faults and say
I’m a work in progress
Tomorrow will be better than today.

©26th March 2007 – 12.13am Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

"WELL I..."

Well I… said that
I don’t love you anymore

When I… said that
You burst out in to tears

Where I… said that
You dropped to your knees crushed

Why I… said that
I’d just had enough of your stuff

How I… said that
I drew on courage I never knew was there

Who I… date next
Is no longer your business.

© 8th February 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I awoke missing you
Missing feeling your sleeping breath on my face
Missing the warmth pf you next to me
Feeling the emptiness of the space
You left in my bed
You leave behind in my heart
When ever we are apart.

I awoke missing you
Missing the tingly after-effects of your lips on mine
When you’ve kissed me Good Morning
And told me you love me.

I awoke missing you
Missing the heat we generate
As we lay curled up together
Fast asleep in that after-sex glow
Sharing a true love
That only those in the know… know.

I awoke missing you
It was Christmas morn
And I wished you were here
Sharing a special moment with me
That all lovers should share
A quiet calm, a contented sense of peace
Knowing deep down that we two lovers
Were long destined to meet.

I awoke this morn without you
And aching inside for you
I am somewhat forlorn
Knowing that you’re missing me
Just as much as I miss you
Knowing that all things come together
Exactly as they are meant to.

I awoke without you
But it won’t be for too long
I’ll no longer have to sing in dreams
My silent siren’s song.

I awoke without you
You were far far away
However long it takes
Soon, we will wake up together again some day.

© 28th December 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited


I write when my heart tells me to,
I write to share my feelings and thoughts,
I write because God wants me to,
I write so a lesson may be learnt or taught.

I'm a pot on a stove, simmering gently,
My emotions, feelings and dreams given a stir
I’m a wonderful meal being made in a processor
When complete, go on give me a whiz, and watch me whirr.

I am inspired by everything including you, a stranger
A work in progress, I want to be an inspiration for all
If at least one thing I write touches you deeply, then my job is done
Who knows maybe it could be that one poem, which halts your own free-fall.

I'm here for my calling, a purpose,
A fulfilling, passionate one I see
I don't want to live my life like a blur, I want to experience, savour it slowly
Sharing with you what it’s like to be me and to at last be free.

I want to express and be comforted,
To read, learn and share what I know,
To find out whom I was then, who I am now,
Come with me and together we’ll experience this journey, as I grow.

Us writers and poets we have our talents
I wouldn’t claim to be the better or best
We all have our uniqueness that attracts readers, they alone are our judge
But it doesn’t give us license to say we’re better than the rest.

I’m a humble, creative and curious being
On a mission to make my goal of my book ‘INSPIRED’ real
I’ll work hard, do what it takes to ensure I get there
But would never lower myself to plagiarise or steal.

I’m not stuck writing in one genre
I’ll tackle all poetry types and themes
I hope when I achieve this I’ll inspire you
To go out and make real your own dreams.

I guess that's what happens when I put pen to paper,
I catch a vibe and I ride the power of the word
I have a beautiful soul and inner voice,
One I, and perhaps some of you now think shouldn't go unheard.

© 19th September 2007 – 11:30am Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Go with God little Angel
You were taken too soon
Fly straight
Into the arms of the Lord
Where he awaits
Where you’ll be safe
From harm

Go with God little Angel
You were here but for a moment
Touching hearts
Marking souls
With your precious tender touch
Tiny baby fingers
Wispy hairs on your head
Chubby cheeks and shiny eyes
Led me to fall in love…

You are my child
You were taken too soon
You’ll never be replaced
But you’ll never be forgotten.

Go with God
Grow with God
The Lord’s playground awaits
Roundabouts and swings
See-saws and skipping ropes
Fed by winged nanny Angels
Who’ll put you to bed
And rock you to doze
But you’ll hear my voice singing
A sleepytime lullaby
Til your eyes close.

Go with God my Little Angel
We were parted my sweetheart
Mummy loves you always
And we will meet again soon.

© 11th February 2007 Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited

Wednesday 10 June 2009


How many more have to cry
Parents at gravesides burying children
Who shouldn’t have died
A harmless glance, or vengeance
Trying to help someone else on their way
Wrong place, wrong time
This meant their life was taken away.

Like one mother said
She has to live with the sight
Her son, body still warm, but devoid of life
Never to grow up, never to marry
Never to have a family, children, a wife.

A sister, a cousin, a niece no more
One who tried to calm the peace
But now all that’s left… is her blood
Staining the floor.

Those that kicked down an innocent man’s door
Stabbed him, left him lying to die in pain
Please think what you’re doing
Don’t add more to the grief
Do something right for a change, hand yourself in
Help get this culture off OUR streets.

Believe when I say, for you plenty sleepless nights await
The heart-wrenching, mourning despair
The emptiness, of losing a loved one
You will be haunted by someone whom we and others held dear.

The power of love and righteousness,
Needs to leave you shaking, quaking with fear
Having you looking over your shoulder at the slightest sound
Justice will call… we are coming… we are near.

You who held the gun, you who took up the knife
You who played look-out
Or drove the get-away car or rode that bike
But ultimately you all partook
In leaving someone without their life.

Don’t you feel sorrow?
Don’t you feel remorse?
Don’t you wish you could take it all back?
Don’t you wish you could rewind back to the time
Before you dealt that stab, that punch, that fatal shot
When you were as innocent as them
Before you took off on this path
That has now become your life
Stopping a heartbeat
Because someone told you
This isn’t ‘Simon Says’
Even if Simon said to.

So aspire for a career, your own family, a job
Don’t be another one who died
Don’t become yet another yob
Exercise your mind, not your fist
Don’t become another police statistic
Who lives for scratching that trigger-finger itch.

Schoolyard and territory squabbles have got to stop
Instead reach for the heights of success
Wouldn’t it be nice to say ‘I got out of the game?
I am a survivor, boy I am blessed’ ?
Change your ways, because someday soon,
YOUR family will stand weeping one cold afternoon
Single red roses will fall silently, gently on YOUR tomb
It will be YOUR parents, crying at YOUR graveside
YOUR mates tipping brandy, saluting a friend
YOUR parents mourning their child,
YOU - Who should never have come to this end.

© 3rd July 2007 – 18:30pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited


My heart cries out
I’m feeling the pain
I can’t sleep, I worry
That I’ll never see you again.

My heart yearns and my feelings are true
I’m a rainbow of colours
Exploding after the rain
To express my love for you.

I go to sleep all alone
I dread when darkness draws nigh
So far away, all by ourselves
Yet in spirit I always feel you close by.

Imagining as I close my eyes
Embraced in your arms, wrapped up close
My heart to your heart
My nose to your nose

When I fall to asleep
All I want to see is your face
Knowing we were brought together
Only by God’s good grace.

You are my heart,
Did I tell you that today?
You are my love,
Promise that together we will stay.

You are my soul-mate
I give you my life
If this is to be forever
Make me your wife.

Let’s share a life
Make a family, a home
With God’s gracious blessing
We will be together… and never more alone.

© 9th August 2007 – 17:32pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


The subtleties of your touch
Your lips on mine
The gentle tenderness of your kiss
Soft, warm, wanting, needing
You arms encircle me
Drawing me into your embrace,
Your personal space you let me in
I melt, feeling the heat as we meet
As one, our eyes lock
I love the way you look at me
As one, your kiss can say more
Than a thousand of your words ever could
One kiss can mean more
Than a quick touch ever should
A kiss can mean many things
Hello, goodbye or until we meet again
I’m sorry or I love you
Even where you are kissed is important
Not just the lips or your intimate bits
A tip of the nose, a closed eye, a hand
The hair on the crown of your head
The ultimate forehead kiss
Even that says
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my everything
I’m missing a beat from my heart
Every time I have to go away
So give me a kiss that will linger
Leaving me anticipating
Needing me to come home to you
So I can be complete once more.

©10th April 2007 – 20:53pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


It took a lot
To get me here
I was so frightened
I lived in fear.

A little muse
He came to me
With a few choice words
I was set free.

Free to be here
Free to pursue
Free to be vibrant
And be myself with you.

As I struggled to find
My inner being
Real humble beauty emerged
The truth of me I’m finally seeing.

I feel the love
I feel the heat
Clap your hands
Stomp your feet.

We love our art
We’re not shy, not coy
We come together
To share the joy.

I heard the words
I felt the need
Tonight we were blessed
God’s children destined for success.

A prayer answered
Not a word went unheard
To all the other haters
I’ll flip just you the bird.

Tonight I heard things that inspired
I truly believe that I felt his touch
Compelled to write this
I thank God so much.

For all that he gives to me
I give it right back
My praise forms in words
They keep me focused and on track.

So when you see me put pen to paper
I hope you don’t mind
I’m following my destiny
I’m not being rude or unkind.

Positive thinking to aiming higher
Being what God meant to me
I’m ignoring the negative
Preferring to nurture the positive, in my creativity.

I’m being inspired
I’m catching a ride
I’m just feeling the flow
I’m flowing with the vibe.

I’m listening, I’m learning
God’s seeing my soul
But it’s only together
That I reach my goal.

No more back biting
No more stinging remarks
We’ve got to support each other
It’s together that we’ll create sparks.

Thoughts turn to action
Like flint and wood
Creating a literary fire
I’m doing what I only dreamt I could.

Just when I feel like I’m losing the rhyme
I look around, reminisce, remember
I slow it down
I take my time.

Quick, give me a sheet
A quill and some ink
Old school I know but what I come up with
Might make you think.

I stop, I think
I write it down again
My goodness why didn’t I think of that
Why when it was so plain.

I take what I feel and see
I show you through my eyes
It might take one
But more like two or three tries.
I won’t be in the crowd
Looking sad, feeling terse
I’ll be the one up on the stage you see
Giving you a taste of my verse.

Though I can’t sing in tune
Or freestyle a rhyme
I hope my words however delivered
Touch you every time.

Leaving you feeling hopeful
Bringing a smile to your face
Making you feel all warm and cosy
Welcoming you into Angee’s space

Now you go out and spread the word
Help someone else aspire
I thank you for reading and hearing this
Now that I’ve shared with you, I hope you’ll be… INSPIRED.

©2nd August June 2007 – 22:05pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.