Wednesday, 10 June 2009


It took a lot
To get me here
I was so frightened
I lived in fear.

A little muse
He came to me
With a few choice words
I was set free.

Free to be here
Free to pursue
Free to be vibrant
And be myself with you.

As I struggled to find
My inner being
Real humble beauty emerged
The truth of me I’m finally seeing.

I feel the love
I feel the heat
Clap your hands
Stomp your feet.

We love our art
We’re not shy, not coy
We come together
To share the joy.

I heard the words
I felt the need
Tonight we were blessed
God’s children destined for success.

A prayer answered
Not a word went unheard
To all the other haters
I’ll flip just you the bird.

Tonight I heard things that inspired
I truly believe that I felt his touch
Compelled to write this
I thank God so much.

For all that he gives to me
I give it right back
My praise forms in words
They keep me focused and on track.

So when you see me put pen to paper
I hope you don’t mind
I’m following my destiny
I’m not being rude or unkind.

Positive thinking to aiming higher
Being what God meant to me
I’m ignoring the negative
Preferring to nurture the positive, in my creativity.

I’m being inspired
I’m catching a ride
I’m just feeling the flow
I’m flowing with the vibe.

I’m listening, I’m learning
God’s seeing my soul
But it’s only together
That I reach my goal.

No more back biting
No more stinging remarks
We’ve got to support each other
It’s together that we’ll create sparks.

Thoughts turn to action
Like flint and wood
Creating a literary fire
I’m doing what I only dreamt I could.

Just when I feel like I’m losing the rhyme
I look around, reminisce, remember
I slow it down
I take my time.

Quick, give me a sheet
A quill and some ink
Old school I know but what I come up with
Might make you think.

I stop, I think
I write it down again
My goodness why didn’t I think of that
Why when it was so plain.

I take what I feel and see
I show you through my eyes
It might take one
But more like two or three tries.
I won’t be in the crowd
Looking sad, feeling terse
I’ll be the one up on the stage you see
Giving you a taste of my verse.

Though I can’t sing in tune
Or freestyle a rhyme
I hope my words however delivered
Touch you every time.

Leaving you feeling hopeful
Bringing a smile to your face
Making you feel all warm and cosy
Welcoming you into Angee’s space

Now you go out and spread the word
Help someone else aspire
I thank you for reading and hearing this
Now that I’ve shared with you, I hope you’ll be… INSPIRED.

©2nd August June 2007 – 22:05pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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