Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The subtleties of your touch
Your lips on mine
The gentle tenderness of your kiss
Soft, warm, wanting, needing
You arms encircle me
Drawing me into your embrace,
Your personal space you let me in
I melt, feeling the heat as we meet
As one, our eyes lock
I love the way you look at me
As one, your kiss can say more
Than a thousand of your words ever could
One kiss can mean more
Than a quick touch ever should
A kiss can mean many things
Hello, goodbye or until we meet again
I’m sorry or I love you
Even where you are kissed is important
Not just the lips or your intimate bits
A tip of the nose, a closed eye, a hand
The hair on the crown of your head
The ultimate forehead kiss
Even that says
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my everything
I’m missing a beat from my heart
Every time I have to go away
So give me a kiss that will linger
Leaving me anticipating
Needing me to come home to you
So I can be complete once more.

©10th April 2007 – 20:53pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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