Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Go with God little Angel
You were taken too soon
Fly straight
Into the arms of the Lord
Where he awaits
Where you’ll be safe
From harm

Go with God little Angel
You were here but for a moment
Touching hearts
Marking souls
With your precious tender touch
Tiny baby fingers
Wispy hairs on your head
Chubby cheeks and shiny eyes
Led me to fall in love…

You are my child
You were taken too soon
You’ll never be replaced
But you’ll never be forgotten.

Go with God
Grow with God
The Lord’s playground awaits
Roundabouts and swings
See-saws and skipping ropes
Fed by winged nanny Angels
Who’ll put you to bed
And rock you to doze
But you’ll hear my voice singing
A sleepytime lullaby
Til your eyes close.

Go with God my Little Angel
We were parted my sweetheart
Mummy loves you always
And we will meet again soon.

© 11th February 2007 Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited

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