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The chimes of midnight
Velvet skies filled with red and blue lights
I know I’m wrong the shit ain’t right
I’m in a tunnel and I can't see light
Cruising around to see what the streets like
Rent, due and I need a hit
My job I had to quit
So I’m out here looking for a jook
Some call me a small style crook
I’m the reason why you walk the streets shook
Damn the perfect target
Sitting there with brand new garments
I walk up behind to catch you off guard
Snatch ya purse check for credit cards
I spare ya life if you don’t get a good look
Maybe if things were different I would let you loose
I know I’m just as bad as them dudes with a noose
Now you’re kicking and screaming begging for ya life
‘Please shut up!’ Ya face I strike
‘Now listen, I’m just going to take ya money
Make it easy so I won't kill ya honey!’
I slit her throat cuz she kept screaming
Damn I hear the cops, I gotta be dreaming
The chimes of midnight
Velvet skies filled with red and blue lights.

The chimes of midnight
My chest hurts my breath is tight
On the way home from work one night
I never ever thought I'd have to fear
The idea of a presence lurking behind me near
Ready to take me, ready to steal my life
I clutch my belongings, I hold them close
I speed up, look back, cross over the road
I look around I see no one to fear
The non-descript teen girl walking toward me
I looked closely; she was the only one near
Silently she struck from behind I never had the chance
I never thought I'd miss my wedding
Miss that magical moment with my father to dance
She said what she said and I couldn't help what I did
The slap hit, my mouth opened not meaning to scream,
An icy line ripped through my neck and to the floor I slid
Blood pouring out, I lay there gasping for air
Knowing sooner not later I would see that pure white light
The chimes of midnight
My chest hurts my breath is tight.

Chimes at 1
And she's losing time
I'm trying my best
But she's breathing less
Slit throat, bruised face when will we learn
What did she do for this to be earned
How did this happen still crosses my mind
When I see someone the same skin as mine
She's young still in her prime
The world is ending this must be a sign
I pray for her soul and her body to be revived
This situation I hope she survives
On my job I see a lot of black on black crime
Damn we're still losing time
‘Come on people hustle up!
She's flat lining double up!’
C.P.R. 1,2,3
‘Come on honey stay with me!’
She opened her eyes one last time
Inaudibly spoken, ‘Pray for me....’
Chimes at 1
Her time is done.

Chimes at 1
The clock strikes the game has begun
I was coming around the block, same area, same street
When I got the call I had to run
That’s where my honey and I were supposed to meet
First cop on the scene
I saw a familiar body being worked on by the trauma team
When I saw it was the woman
Who was soon to become my wife
It became my only mission
To stop the one who ruined my life
I looked at my honey, watching my baby slip away
Hoping and praying I’d meet the culprit
In some dark alley not too far away
Then suddenly it dawned on me
The perp had walked right past
But all that I was concerned about
Was that my baby’s breath might be her last
So I never paid attention
To you, the street looking girl who breezed innocently by
I never thought to stop you, never thought to even try
All that I was worried about, was that my lover was gonna die
It’s only when the cop in me kicked in
When I recalled your face like I’m trained to do
I knew that maybe… just maybe… it was possible to catch up with you
Chimes at 1
The clock strikes, the game has begun.

Chimes at 2
My girl is gone and I’m coming for you
I’m out for revenge, your life for a life in lieu
My job is to always protect and serve
But not this particular night
All bets are off, you took from me
The woman who was to be my wife
I wipe the tears from my eyes
Hardening my heart for the task ahead
When I find you, I’ll merc you crook
I’ll kill you stone cold dead
This is one crime that needs no justification
My form of ungodly punishment
The killing blow dealt without hesitation
I head back to base to check the system
See if you pop up, if you’ve got a long rap sheet
I know soon enough that tonight we’ll meet
I put in your profile to see if you’re here
The devil’s watching out for me cos I find you in there
Only 17, living a crack whore’s dream
Raped and aborted your pops seed when you were just 13
It takes a good cop to catch a crook
But this is revenge, I’ll search every cranny, every dirty nook
The knife doesn’t need prints for me to catch my prey
I saw you.. you can’t run… you can’t hide…
I’ll find you any way...
I’ll dish you up, like you sliced my girl
You wanna dance with the devil
Come to me and in death you’ll twirl
Head to toe, I’m all dressed in black
Your crook crime partners just left I see
I scoped out your haunt
Saw you laughing minutes earlier
Telling tales of a murder-robbery
Now you’re the one all alone and trapped in my snare
Last place on the list, I found you wallowing there
I sneak up behind you
Mask over face, sweat on my brow
Cold hard steel to your dome
I whisper to you ‘How you like it now?
This is for my girl, I gotta fill you full of lead…
She died tonight because of you…’
BANG! BANG! ‘…Bitch, you’re dead.’
Chimes at 2
You got 2 through and throughs
Only I didn’t anticipate that I’d catch my own ricochet too.
Chimes at 2 and I finally got my hit
I don't think I knew who I was messing with
But I hope they can save that chick
I really didn't think I could keep doing this shit
But I got a habit and I can't handle it
Sometimes I think I should just quit
But that’s easier said than done
And strong... I'm not the one
Maybe I should just turn around the gun
Naw... It will get better one day
Gotta be something better someday
I might go to hell some say
But I got this rock to help those thoughts fade away
Gotta find an alley so I can calm this monkey
I hear a sound behind me
But all I'm worried about is what's in front of me
Come on lighter please work
Damn I got her blood on my shirt
I think I'll save this engagement ring
I think I saw a man crying at the crime scene
I hope that wasn't his girlfriend
Or his wife to be
Maybe it was just a man with passion
I did that jook in quick fashion
Told my boys about that hood action
They threw in some extra because they enjoyed the tale… satisfaction
Something cold on my head... ‘How you like it now?’
Only thing I could think was bow down
'My girl is dead because of you...'
As he raised his gun, I raised mine
I think we pulled at the same time
Chimes at 2 I finally got my hit
I don't think I knew who I was messing with.
Chimes at 3, a beautiful white light
And I find myself in judgment line
First face I see is the person I killed
I'm sorry sister, I am not strong willed
I'm addicted to that crack rock
I needed a hit, that's why I made your heart stop
I'm only 17 living on the block
My mother hated me
My father raped me
And I got kicked out of school
So I robbed folks like you
‘Please sister, can you ever forgive me?
Think about it now both of us are free.’
I wish I coulda gone about it a different way
I'm glad I died there today
Away from the drama and the street
Ain't worried about what I gotta eat
For my crime against you I might go to hell
But how much worse can it get?
I'm sorry you’re dead but my crime I don't regret
Looks like I'm up next
Chimes at 3
My name is being called
It’s done! I can give up on it all!

Chimes at 3
A bright light surrounds us, we’re entering purgatory
We both stand in line like the rest
Awaiting final judgement, like our life was a test
I died tonight and so did my man
Only one of us will get to heaven
This was never ever the plan
My murderer in front of me, her killer right behind
I wish I could be oblivious
I wish I could be blind
Both turned to face me ‘Forgive me’ they said
Her to me, him to her, me to them
‘You are forgiven, I’m just sorry we all ended up dead.’
Victims of circumstance
Victims of black on black crime
Don’t be another victim
Pray it won’t be you caught out the next time
Have your wits about you, so you can do your part
Heaven and Hell doesn’t need these results of crime
Let this at least, be a positive start
To lay down your guns and knives
Turn your hand to some other from of art
I leave you now, because it is my turn
I hope my baby doesn’t follow that girl,
The one in front who has just gone to hell
But with judgement day, your last act on earth…
…You can never really tell.

Michelle & Angee leave you now to ponder this
A tragedy told in rhymes
A quartet of complex trilogy
The Saga of ‘The Chimes’.

Co-Written with Michelle Davis

© 26th September 2007 Co-Written by Angela Edgar & Michelle Davis
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

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