Wednesday 19 August 2009


I look in from the outside
A stranger to this cultural concept
That someone does and people will kill
For the sake of ‘misguided’ honour.

I saw on the news today
A landmark case was won
A brother’s nine year struggle for his dead sister
Murdered for trying to flee a marriage come undone
Finally bringing them to justice
But are you surprised they were so close to home
Finding perpetrators of a hideous crime
But now they will serve their time.

A young Asian female life forsaken
For being too western and wanting divorce
Her new life just starting… cruelly taken
Or just because they thought she brought the family ‘shame’
A cheap excuse for killers to permanently maim.

I can’t understand
How this happens to be
This isn’t my culture
But still it’s illogical to me.
Regardless of race, colour or creed
To take the life of another is just wrong
For love, honour, shame or greed
I say Brother Singh, you were so very strong
You battled it out, shouting the message
To these people, so loud and clear
It won’t be easy for them now
English law they must fear
To another country, another place
To know they can’t send or force these girls
To disappear without a trace
Their death voices will be heard…
And sooner not later justice will be served.

© 26th July 2007 – 22:41pm Written by Angela Edgar.
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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