Wednesday 19 August 2009


Cream cakes, jam and flaky pastry
Drop out the side of my mouth
I revel in the smoothness
I savour the taste on my tongue
I wipe the cream from my lips
I realise Oops I missed abit
I felt it drop on my naked breast
You’ve seen my ample bosoms
How they heave seductively as I breathe
I lick my finger so it’s wet
And I move it to my chest
I wipe up the excess
I look at it expectantly
As if it were to walk
Then I sucked my finger contentedly
Glad the cream couldn’t talk
It might just give up my secret…
That… I… Love… Fresh cream.

©7th June 2007 – 17.30pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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