Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Whilst I finished dressing for work
You were sleeping in your bed far away
Then suddenly you appeared sleeping in mine that I’d just made up
In the reflection of my mirror I saw you,
Chalking it up to my imagination
I watched you breathing gently
Wondering if you were really there
So I smiled and spun round when you moved the covers lower down your body
(You are here with me now but I don’t think even you realise it yet)
My smile widened as I saw revealed your bare caramel chest
Rising and falling…
And with each deep breath
I could see you were tired
Sleeping that deep sleep we sometimes need to heal
I am compelled to disturb you
To wake you from your slumber
But I don’t think you’ll mind
You turn your face away from me
I glimpse the vein on your bare neck
Pulsing in time with your heart
I lean over across the bed to reach you but can’t quite touch…
You’re a little too far away
I manage though, lifting my long dress
So I don’t trip over it and fall harder than I intend
Waking you sooner than I want
I kneel beside you watching you
You drift on unaware of my presence beside you
Until I bend down closer
You turn your head to face me in sleep
Your eyes closed
Your long lashes flutter, attracting me
As a moth to a flame
I draw closer still
My hair falls softly brushing your nose, your cheek
The winter morning sun trailing through the open curtains of my room
Catches the colour and makes it shine
Like a twinkle in my eye
I am close enough to hear your breath
As each exhale leaves your body
To see the faint stubble of your goatee
Admiring the sharpness of the line that defines it
Between beard and smoothness of skin
You sigh in sleep
I want to feel your skin on my skin
I want to feel the caress of your lips on mine
I take my moment
I kiss you on your lips
They feel soft and gentle to me
As I imagined them to be
So new, so different but just right
I lean back a little to continue admiring you
But still within your grasp, your touch
Should you choose to reach for me
Like the sleeping beauty to the prince
You stir from your slumber
Surprised by my touch
Finding that it is me that has roused you
When you went to sleep last night
You were alone in your bed
Now you awake alone in mine
I kiss you again
So you know you aren’t dreaming
That you are here with me now
You give a satisfied sigh
As if this was exactly what you were waiting for
And you open your eyes and I am all you see
It pleases me that you smile at me
In a way that makes me feel so desired by you
Raising one of your hands
To bring my head closer towards you
You trail your fingers through my silky hair
I watch your eyes gaze over me
Your fingertips send electric pulses
Raising the hairs on the back of my neck as they connect
Our lips touch again for another embrace
It pleases me even more to see how you return my kiss
Yours so gentle, wanting, panty-wetting yet somehow chaste
With thoughtful soul stirring passion
We pause for breath
(You’ve taken mine away for a moment)
Just looking at one another
Drinking each other in
Smiling incredulously, hearts singing
We don’t need words to express
Just how perfect this moment is
Just how perfect our first kiss is…
In a flurry of slow motion you rise
Exposing the rest of your naked, limber and lithe form
My own pleasurable sigh escapes my lips as I eye
Your beautiful chiseled body,
As it parts from between the sheets of my bed
Accepting, molded, ready, firmly waiting for my future touch
Of my hands roaming your torso
Pleasuring more than just your lips…
With a promise of much more in your smile
You move to the door away from me
I glance down to the bed to see the remnants of your outline
In the rumpled satin
As the bed springs back to flat
Placing my hands in the spot you just lay
It’s still warm, with your heat,
In the air and on the sheets your scent lingers,
But when I look back to the door you are gone in an instant
Returned back to your own bed … your own place…
All in the time it took for the sheet to drift and fall back to ground
Like a feather floating slowly on a breeze
Leaving me with the last trembling taste of your lips
And a wet fluttery feeling in between my legs
That left me desiring a lot more than just a kiss from you….

© 26th October 2006 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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