Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I awoke missing you
Missing feeling your sleeping breath on my face
Missing the warmth pf you next to me
Feeling the emptiness of the space
You left in my bed
You leave behind in my heart
When ever we are apart.

I awoke missing you
Missing the tingly after-effects of your lips on mine
When you’ve kissed me Good Morning
And told me you love me.

I awoke missing you
Missing the heat we generate
As we lay curled up together
Fast asleep in that after-sex glow
Sharing a true love
That only those in the know… know.

I awoke missing you
It was Christmas morn
And I wished you were here
Sharing a special moment with me
That all lovers should share
A quiet calm, a contented sense of peace
Knowing deep down that we two lovers
Were long destined to meet.

I awoke this morn without you
And aching inside for you
I am somewhat forlorn
Knowing that you’re missing me
Just as much as I miss you
Knowing that all things come together
Exactly as they are meant to.

I awoke without you
But it won’t be for too long
I’ll no longer have to sing in dreams
My silent siren’s song.

I awoke without you
You were far far away
However long it takes
Soon, we will wake up together again some day.

© 28th December 2007 Written by Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited

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